5 Financial Habits to Get You Wealthier

You don’t have to win the lottery to get wealthier. Anyone, on virtually any income, can simply adopt these habits:

1. Save a little from each paycheck. Tucking away just 5% of your income can build up your savings substantially over time.

2. Use coupons. 82% of consumer goods companies issue coupons, yet only 23% of shoppers use them. Coupons can cut a grocery bill by an average of 15%.

3. Avoid credit card debt. Interest rates on those are famously high and can cost you a lot of money each year.

4. Feast at home, not at restaurants. It’s fun to go out to a nice restaurant occasionally. Just don’t make it an expensive habit. Buy a gourmet packaged meal instead. Combine it with a bottle of wine and you have a feast!

5. Watch out for automatic renewals. It’s all too easy to forget to cancel a subscription to a magazine you no longer read — until, of course, you’re charged again!

These simple habits can help you become wealthier in 2018.

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