Is This the Season to Sell?

Have you noticed that some things have a season?

For example, hockey is associated with winter, regardless of where it’s played. New TV shows usually begin in the fall. It makes you wonder.

Does real estate have a season?  Is there an ideal time of year to sell?

Seasons can play a role in the real estate market. People are out and about more in the summer, so listings tend to be up. On the other hand, there are a lot of buyers looking for properties in the fall, winter and spring.

So, the best time to sell is when you want to sell. There is no magic month that is going to make a significant difference in the price you’re going to get, or how long your home will be on the market.

As your REALTOR®, I can help sell your home regardless of the season. Of course, you might not be thinking about selling now. But, if you are, don’t worry about the time of year.  Let’s talk today.

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