Not-So-Obvious Staging Tips

When it comes to “staging” your home for sale – which basically means ensuring it looks clean and uncluttered – you probably already know the basics: clean the counters, vacuum the floors, mow the lawn, etc.

But there are also some less obvious home staging tips that can help to sell your property faster and for a higher price. For example…

The Kitchen
  • Obvious: The stove, sinks and countertops should be spotless.
  • Not-so-obvious: The contents of your cabinets and refrigerator should be facing forward.

The Bathrooms
  • Obvious: They should be clean and uncluttered. Have fresh towels hanging neatly on the rack.  (The “hotel bathroom” look.)
  • Not-so-obvious: All towels should match. Ensure toilet lids are closed.

Your Bedroom
  • Obvious: Make the bed neatly. Check that the closet is organized and uncluttered.  (If your closet is bulging with clothes, put some in storage.)
  • Not-so-obvious: Don’t leave any clothes out. Even clean clothes neatly folded in a hamper can seem untidy to some people.

The Kids’ Bedrooms
  • Obvious: They need to be clean and, especially, uncluttered. (Good luck!)
  • Not-so-obvious: Arrange stuffed animals, games and other toys like an attractive display in a toy store. It’s okay to have a toy, like a race track, out of the box. Just make sure it’s completely put together

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