Combat Clutter & Be More Efficient

Although homeowners are generally aware that there are real costs associated with their living space, they don’t always notice how much their clutter impacts their ability to use it. To make the most of your home’s potential, consider ways to create more storage room to keep items that are not in use out of the way. For example, purge closets and drawers, one room at a time, and donate unused items to charity or sell them online or through a neighbourhood sale. Store out-of-season clothing items in sealable space-saving bags that collapse when attached to a vacuum hose. Consider items that would be considered mementos or keepsakes by others, and pass them along. Also, identify photos and documents that can be archived digitally and saved in the “cloud” or computer storage. Finally, consult with a home-renovation retailer or storage expert to examine in-closet system installations.

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