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Certain Renovations Require Licensed Trades

(November 15, 2017)

Sometimes, despite your do-it yourself skills or confidence, a repair or renovation requires a professional. In some cases, the municipal bylaw requires that a tradesperson perform certain work, and/or that a building inspector ultimately approve it. Moreover, insurance companies may not honour claims that stem from uncertified plumbing and electrical work, or installations involving combustible f... read more.

Common Items that Can Cause Fires

(November 13, 2017)

You never want to smell smoke in your home and realize there’s a fire. That’s why it is important to be diligent about fire safety. Experts recommend that homeowners be especially careful with the following common household items:

• Portable heaters. Never leave one in a room unattended. Make sure paper and other combustible materials are well away from these units.

• Electronics chargers. We all wa... read more.

Do Open Houses Still Work?

(November 06, 2017)

Buyers are using the internet to search for properties more than ever before. In some cases, they can even go on a “virtual” tour of a home using their smartphone or desktop computer. So, you might be wondering if the old fashioned Open House still works these days?

The answer is yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see them advertised. If Open Houses didn’t work, no one would be doing them!

No matter how g... read more.

Inspect Your Walls Before You Sell

(October 26, 2017)

Say you’re trying to sell a used car. Imagine that it’s a desirable make and model. The mileage is low. Overall, it’s in great condition… except, that is, for the body. Unfortunately, there are a few areas where the paint is scratched and there are a couple of dents and rust spots too.

Are you going to have trouble selling that car? Probably. Many potential buyers will have trouble seeing past the... read more.

5 Financial Habits to Get You Wealthier

(October 19, 2017)

You don’t have to win the lottery to get wealthier. Anyone, on virtually any income, can simply adopt these habits:

1. Save a little from each paycheck. Tucking away just 5% of your income can build up your savings substantially over time.

2. Use coupons. 82% of consumer goods companies issue coupons, yet only 23% of shoppers use them. Coupons can cut a grocery bill by an average of 15%.

3. Avoid cre... read more.